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Speak Fluent English

1:- Speaking the right English is a task. Once there is mastery over the language and when your i...

When to Use Commas

The comma is perhaps the most over-used punctuation mark in the English language. Knowing when to ...

How to Improve Your English Grammar

  For many people, grammar is the hardest part of the English language to understand. In fact, ma...

Reading Section  is a  program  offering speaking  lessons on Regular, Business, Interviewing, Trave...

Welcome to! provides a complete solution to obtain English fluency using speaking, listening, pro...

  • Speak Fluent English

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  • When to Use Commas

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  • How to Improve Your English Grammar

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  • Reading Section

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  • Welcome to!

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Teaching English is an art. English speaking skills are today of great value to anyone who wishes to be successful in this highly competitive world. It is very essential to be good at it. With the advent of the new industries like ITEs and the BPO, english has taken a new dimension, it is no more just the spoken english, but the fine art of communicating with the whole world. So for this, effective communication skills are a basic requisite.

We are here to take care of all this. Our trainers not only take care of your spoken English but they also helps you to express your experiences and your thoughts in an effective way. The effort is to overcome your lack of confidence and read voraciously.

So we promise the student who will walk into our centre will walk out as a confident and perfect artist of the English language.

Power English Program includes :

  • Active Listening, Reading, Writing, & Speaking.

  • Personality Development Program.

  • Boosts confidence & Positive thinking.

  • The Art of language with command on it.

  • Preparation for group discussions and personal interviews learning modules require user interactions i.e. a learner need to use mouse options and voice effectively to go through the course.Very easy and user friendly learning process. It has built in regional language dictionary on a click of a mouse using advanced multimedia based interactive scenarios gives learner a wonderful English learning experience and builds self confidence during English communications.Experience listening to voice playback on simple mouse-over action over the sentences. View the movie-clip below and see it yourself how works to help you learn english in self learning interactive multimedia environment. Simplified learning using advanced interactivity !


Speech Skill has a unique teaching approach using voice of the learner. has built-in speech recognition technology, advanced graphics, animations and has much more you can ever imagine before.

Further, using proper accent during your communication playes very important role. To help you improve and correct your English ACCENT, uses VIRO™ Meter, introducing first time in the world. The VIRO (Voice Instruction Recognition Optimizer) Meter helps you gauge your correctly spoken words in a sentence. Your regular practice using VIRO Meter will help you improve your communication to a great extent.View the movie-clip below and see it yourself how works to help you learn spoken english in self learning multimedia based learning environment..

Listening Skill

Without building listening skills your spoken English learning is incomplete. You should be able to understand and comprehend the other person's spoken words in English. Developing listening skill is only through listening to stories, watching movies and to others during your English communications. To help you build this skill uses interesting stories and history events. Listen to these stories carefully and answer the questions thereafter. You must achieve passing marks to complete your course or listen to the story again, get ready for real learning experience.

View the movie-clip below and see it yourself how works to help you learn spoken english in self learning multimedia based learning environment...

Communication Skill
How about talking to a doctor, a teacher, a salesman or a shopkeeper to practice building your spoken English skills? Yes, now you can practice communicating with these people in a LIVE interactive environment using brings first time a unique learning experience for the users by giving them a voice-interactive platform to talk to animated characters using their own voice. It uses advanced speech recognition technology to allow users interact with animated characters, who respond to your voice. english learning modules require user interactions not only using keyboard, mouse but also using your own voice. View the movie-clip below and see it yourself how works to help you learn english in self learning multimedia based learning environment.

Quiz Sections
As you can expect, we do gauge your learning at the end of each learning module of spoken English course. You must complete a quiz to complete a learning module and go to next learning module. You can practice as long as you desire by going back to different learning sections of each module, and finish the quiz at the end. english learning has quiz for each module. Though it may seem simple to you it builds your base to start effective communication.

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