Today Iron Rate Per Kg in India 2022

Hello friends, welcome to our today’s post in Today Iron rate. In which we are going to talk about iron price per kg in India. Through this article iron rate per kg, we will tell you that what is the iron rate going on in India nowadays.

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Today Iron Rate Per Kg in India 2022

Today Iron Rate Per Kg in India 2022

You all know that iron is considered an important material in construction. Iron is a very important metal. which is used in different ways in different areas

You can use iron from small things to building big houses. You must have noticed that many tools around you are made of iron. And then whenever we talk about building a building, road, company etc.

So iron has an important role in making them. Because the bar is made of iron. Which is used to make a pitched and strong roof. Similarly, small things like knives, hammers, many tools used in farming are made of iron.

If you want to buy any of these related tools or iron items. Or you are an iron investor and want to buy iron for your business.

So you should know its changing price every day. You can see new fluctuations in the price of iron every day.

Iron is the most widely used of all means of transport. Iron is also used in machinery. There are many iron making companies in India that sell iron by kilogram.

Let us tell you their exact value. Through which you can buy iron for yourself and invest or use it in your work.


Today Iron Rate


For your information in today’s new price per kg of iron, let us tell you that the rate of iron in India today is 90 to ₹ 100 per kg.

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Today’s old price of iron in per kg


On the other hand, if we talk about the old price of iron, then it is 40 to ₹ 60 per kg.


Types of Iron Rate/Kg
New iron price per kg today Rs. ₹90-100
Old iron rate per kg today Rs. ₹40-60


There may be a slight decrease or increase in this price in different states of India. If you live in any state of India, then according to today’s price of that state, you can buy iron from there and store it for your own use. You will get this price of iron almost same all over India.


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